Taking Care of Your Industrial Electrical Needs

Taking Care of Your Industrial Electrical Needs

Partner with Powertrain Electric to keep your work site safe

There’s no place for faulty wiring or dangerous electrical failures in industrial settings. That’s why Powertrain Electric is proud to offer its services to Mt. Pleasant, Texas industrial sites. Our electricians know the importance of workplace safety. We provide electrical maintenance, repair and upkeep for:

• Manufacturing plants
• Heavy industries
• Energy production plants
• Chemical plants, and others

Ensure the safety of your employees and your products. Have Powertrain Electric inspect your electrical systems to identify safety issues and other potential problems.

Bring in a knowledgeable team of industrial electricians

Industrial electrical works is a specialized field that calls for a trained professional. Choose Powertrain Electric for your electrical work and rest assured you’re in the hands of highly trained electrical contractors. We guarantee that your electrical work will be done in a prompt and effective manner, and the manufacturing process will be unimpeded by future system failures once we’re done.

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We work with many companies and corporations in Sulpher Springs, Mt. Pleasant, and Gilmer, TX.